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Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson-  Client Relations and Funding Manager – Jason’s initial career path was executive management for one of the nation’s top 5 retailers.  After completely overhauling the replenishment and logistics processes for two retail locations, Jason realized that drive and dedication would be better utilized in an entrepreneurial manner.  He began his real estate career in 2007 with residential lending. Although he has only been investing in Real Estate since 2012, he is the president of Fleurishing Enterprises Inc, and one of the founding members of Freedom Property Group.  He began his investing career to grow his retirement savings building long term wealth and passive income.

Jason has a strong commitment and passion for helping others achieve the same financial freedom through investing passively in real estate.  He has an adamant belief that our company can help the community build wealth and income through real estate. When he says, “our company has your best interest in mind,” he means it.

Jason is a Louisville native where most of his family still lives today.  He has a strong pride for this community and will always call Kentucky his home.  He is an active member in one of the nation’s largest networks of real estate investors as well as his local Real Estate Investor’s Association.  Most of his free time is dedicated to his Fiancé and young daughter.

Jason can be reached at 502-617-0374 or


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